About AVI

AVI specializes in the production, design, and installation of professional audio, video, lighting, and staging.

AVI will work to bring you the latest in entertainment industry available. 

That’s why AVI is here!

Owner. AV Innovations

Sam Thompson has been a (Sound Man) since he was 5 years old. Running sound for church and following his dad with sound at gospel concerts, Sam moved up the line in his teen years and now has been engineering sound for live events on the professional level for the last 8 years. He’s had the opportunity to supply sound and other production services for Gospel groups like Sandie Patty and Local Trios. Christian Rock groups like After Edmund and others, and has worked on the stages for Classic and Country artist like REO Speed wagon and Willie Nelson..  Making his way through the live entertainment market, Sam has strived to make every customer and client happy with the results and supply endless service and answer every question with top accuracy.

FOH & MON Engineer

Rick Thompson knows the difficulties that are stressed with sound systems. Rick has set up and installed several sound systems and has engineered live sound for numerous concerts over the years all over the state of Illinois and other state surrounding states. He was the head FOH engineer for the A.L.J.C Illinois District, is a FOH engineer with the Illinois District sound, and is the Chief FOH Engineer at his church, in Gibson City IL.


Cody Gaesser recently joined AVIs team of techs in the fall of 2010. Working with multiple musical groups, being a musician, and designer, he has a great feel for music and knows how to represent that feel in his lighting designs.